Parents, Hear These Great Recent Testimonials/Feedback
from Fellow Singapore Parents:

Esther: “Happy with your service! Thanks for help!” April 24, 2017

Fiza: “Hi Eliz. Thanks for today! He did a great job Will contact u again for nxt one!“ April 19, 2017

Testimonials/Feedback Received from Year 2016:

Mrs. Chan: “Superlike your prompt n friendly service . Thanks Blessed Christmas!“ Dec 20 , 2016

Connie: “Great! Love ur service!“ Dec 16, 2016

Jayaraman: “Thanks for ur good service!“ Oct 14, 2016

Pauline: “The service has been good all the while, that’s why i has been renewing my package with your side“ August 26, 2016

Cyn: “Clean up was great as i didn’t need to do any after svc clean up“ August 22, 2016

Jennet: “Very Glad with your services and flexibility as I’m usually not around, will need to make arrangement to make payment via e-banking. As for the air-con, after cleaning we can always feel the vast difference before and after cleaning. Thumbs up for the cleaning services!“ July 20, 2016

Karen: “The specialist is very good & I like the service.“ July 8, 2016

Alice: “Ur man did a good clean job. Many other svc men left me dirty wet floor in the room & bathroom. He didnt’t.“ June 29, 2016

Sharon: “Aircon is nice and cold after servicing.“ March 8, 2016

Katherine: “Good service and not pushy though my aircons have not been cleaned for years. They do clean up after servicing and looking forward to the next one in April.
March 7, 2016

Testimonials/Feedback Received from Year 2015:

Amanda: “Friendly and on-time to service my air-con.” Nov 20, 2015

  Sharm: “Yr speialist works efficiently and gave me the best advise for my Aircons. Thanks again.” Nov 3, 2015

Stella: “I like the fact that my beddings are carefully protected, and the floors are clean after chemical washing. The works are done more professionally than my previous repair man. Thanks.” Sept 16, 2015

Agnes: “Aircon servicemen were polite and efficient and he, gave good advice regarding maintaining my aircon units. Overall, I’m pleased with the service so far.” Sept 14, 2015

Ms. Lee: “Hi, thanks for the great service. Your aircon technicians had done a great job.” August 6, 2015

Sabrina: “Very fast and efficient.” June 25, 2015

Susie: “Hi. Your men came today to clean up my aircond, I am happy with the services. Can u quote me water spraying for 3 times a year for the unit. Thank you.” July 23, 2015

Rena: “Prompt in replying to queries and very helpful in sourcing for the spare parts. Thank you.” June 23, 2015

Jacqueline: “Service was good, very prompt to reply on my query. Service guy also explains the service to be done prior to execution.” May 22, 2015

Shirley: “Thank you! The service provided was satisfactory. Thanks.” May 14, 2015

Eleen: “Thank you for yr great service.” May 14, 2015

Joyce: “Cool!! Enjoy your holis!! All settled with your specialist; as usual did a great thorough job. Took the quarter package.” May 4, 2015

Lina: “Hi Lina here, Pls say thx 2 yr specialist 4 dropping by and settle my air con issues. trusted u guys all along.” April 18, 2015

Kerinne: “The technician advice me on which service to get and explain to me about chemical cleaning. He showed me how to see when the AC need to be chemical wash. After washing i can feel my AC is cooler now. Thanks!” March 25, 2015

Patricia: “The service is good and yr service man is knowledgeable and good too.” March 20, 2015

Ivy: “Hi, please thank you yr specialist for his good service on that day. He came to change the pc board for us. he is very soft spoken and friendly. Also thank you for all the arrangement all this while. Will recommend your aircon service should my relatives and friends need. Thank you.” Jan 26, 2015

Neona: “Consistent and excellent service from the team. They have been servicing my aircon units for over 3 years and I always go to them without doubt. The technician is knowledgeable, works fast and willing to share on how to maintain the aircon on a daily basis. The entire experience is extremely hassle free and pleasant :) Jan 8, 2015

Testimonials/Feedback Received from Year 2014:

Julie: “Service is good, he have also given us some good advice on how to clean and maintain the units. Have signed up a contract with him.” Dec 22, 2014

Roslinda: “Your service man is polite, fast n efficient. When doing servicing everything is clean n non messy. Keep up the good job. Will ask for your service in 6 months time.” Dec 10, 2014

Karengabe: “Hi thanks for the arrangement made for the last minute change of my appointment. My hubby and I are impressed with the job done with professionalism. They did their job with care and they carry a good attitude which not many people have. The floor was covered very well and they even clean up the floor with a wet cloth after they finish which not many people would really care or bother to do. I did a chemical wash for aircon n compressor and a normal wash job was done well and fast!! Would recommend to others and will contact u again for my next cleaning. From a fussy mummy who’s very particular over cleanliness. ;) Oct 3, 2014

Ngmag: “Hi, so glad I finally get you guys to service my aircon. (Had to postpone the 1st time due to aircon breakdown and the slots are fully taken and I cannot do without the aircon :p ) I must say that all positive feedback posted is what I experienced. Really worth the wait. Keep up the good work!” July 22, 2014

Shirley: “Servicing was fast and good. No more sound coming out from the aircon anymore and servicing guy was neat and doesn’t mess up and dirty the house after servicing.” June 5, 2014

Friends78: “I’m a repeated customer. As usual, the man who came was polite, experienced and does the work well and fast. Even showed the dirty water after servicing. One plus point is that he was never once pushy to sell any of the expensive services. Never even once push us for maintenance package too. He explained the outcome and the different type of servicing when my hubby asked him. We opted chemical since we had not serviced it for at least a year. Very good customer service. Aircon is now cooler. Thks for wonderful follow up!” April 10, 2014

Lynnchua: “This is my 2nd time using your air-con service. Thanks for the excellent service.” April 7, 2014

Eline (Uribo): “He is efficient and give good advise. As usual, we love the clean and fresh air after each service! Thank you!” Mar 29, 2014

Jas: “Good attitude and proper clean up after the service. Not pushy in terms of sale. So far so good. Thank you.” Mar 21, 2014

Deb: “Was punctual for the appt. Air-con person was very experienced and was able to advice me regarding my air-con. He came fully equipped, did a wonderful job, fast and efficient. I’m sure to call for him again.” Mar 19, 2014

Christine Saw: “Hi, We are very happy with your service. The service man is humble and not pushy. We had signed up one year contract.” Mar 7, 2014

Testimonials/Feedback Received from Year 2013:

Jasbir: “You guys have done a great job. Tnks.” Nov 29, 2013

Linafesal: “Hi sis. I’m impressed with the guy who did a very fast and efficient good job. will definitely look up for him again when i need. thx a lot for the excellent service. “ Nov 20, 2013

Dreyliciouz: “Hi Dear, Would like like to let you know that the aircon servicing was really fuss-free and fast. Your specialist was very thorough from cleaning the aircon to cleaning up after he was done. My daughter actually slept til 9am+ the next morning (she usually wakes up at 7 – 8am on weekends). Look forward to the next servcing on 17th Jan!” Oct 28, 2013

Karen: “Good and fast.” July 19, 2013

Nikita: “Prompt service with good attitude. Yours is not pushy when we ask regarding the faulty unit.” July 12, 2013

Ttmom0508(ttmom0508): “He was efficient and patient. Was happy with the service.” July 8, 2013

Yvonne: “Very good! From 18 degrees and air con is still not cold to now we only need to on it at 23 degrees and it’s very cooling!” July 4, 2013

Joanna: “Thumbs up for the air con service! My air con is so much cooling than before!!!!! Thanks!” June 22, 2013

Poonay: “Hi!! Thank u for the aircon servicing. Appreciate ur specialist coming early despite his busy schedule…. My mum says that they are very thorough in their work. The aircon is functioning very well now. Thanks! !! My kids can sleep well already! !!! Yeah:)” May 30, 2013

CheeryBox (cheerybox): “Good! We used to adjust to 22 deg, after cleaning, we just need to adjust to 27 deg!” May 20, 2013

Biqing: “Very prompt reply before and after service. Aircon is cooler after servicing. Generally a pleasant experience.” May 2, 2013

Yvonne (geoks): “Serviceman is professional & gave good advices.” April 11, 2013

Nicole (gazza): “Hi, Thank you arranging this at a such short notice. The guy came and explained to us clearly the problems. We let him do the chemical cleaning and servicing at the same time. He did a good job and impressed with his knowledge and speak well. Cheers.” March 28, 2013

Jane: “The aircon indeed felt much cooler after the 1st round of chemical cleaning, amazing!” March 14, 2013

Lavender (Sglavender): “We appreciate your professional and efficient service. The air-con is cooler after cleaning. Thank you.” March 2, 2013

Jasmum (Jasmum): “Great, Honest & Reliable service!! It’s my 2nd round of package and it’s really value for money… to have all the air con units taken care of without any hassle. Efficient service always. Thank you so much *thumbs-up*” Jan 24, 2013

Peining: “Good service! Highly recommended!” Jan 11, 2013


Testimonials/Feedback Received from Year 2012:

SmileAlice: “I wish to say thank you for the air con servicing that was provided through your website. The technicians popped by my flat yesterday evening. The technicians and his colleague did a very thorough job to clean my air con. I was impressed with them being able to solve my air con problem by changing my faulty wire… I will definitely contact again for my future air con servicing. Thank you once again!! :) Dec 14, 2012

SmileNora (anneffendi): “Thanks for the efficient service, and they came super early ;-) Dec 14, 2012

SmileJasmum (Jasmum): “Excellent service, fast and thorough as always :) Nov 26, 2012

SmileBluesea (bluesea2): “The technicians were punctual and they did a great job! This is the 2nd time we are using your service and we are equally happy with it! Thanks!” Sept 7, 2012

SmileShirley: “Satisfied with the service provided.” July 19, 2012

SmileHazel_sm2 (Hazel_sm2): “Thanks for the great service, I’m really appreciated and satisfied…!” May 21, 2012

SmileTwinkle2 (Twinkle2): “2nd time using your air cond specialist service, like his professional service and friendliness very much. Very thorough cleaning done, Thank you!” May 18, 2012

SmileIrene (irene06): “We had the aircon servicing done on Sat. Fast Booking and Great Servicing. Will be contacting you again for our next servicing! Thank you.” April 9, 2012

SmileCT: “I am very satisfied with the service. My aircon is much cooler now and the compressor is much more quiet now. I think I will engage the service again. Thank you and your specialists!” March 30, 2012

SmileEline (uribo): “Hi, Just want to share my experience: This is my 2nd time in engaging your Specialist’s service. He called before coming and he completed chemical washing for all (1 inverter, 2 spilt units and 2 compressors) within 2 hrs. His assistant also help to ensure that floor and area is dry after the chem wash. My bathroom is kept clean too. Thank you for the excellent service” March 15, 2012

SmileWinnie (ninikoz): “Hi, just got feedback from dad so wanna everyone to know here too! My dad say servicing went well n he likes it.. Specialist was good n pro n friendly.. My dad say he will definitely intro to neighbours, friends n relatives! Good job! Thumbs up!” March 12, 2012

SmileVone (vone): “Hi, your aircon specialist had just left my place. So i just wanna drop you a note to let you know that I’m very impressed with his expertise & service. He managed to diagnose what is the problem with 1 of my aircon compressor, even when my previous aircon contractors are not able to do so. So i’ll definitely engaged him again!! *Thumbs up*” Feb 16, 2012

SmileJanice (Fatty1234): “Hi,thanks a lot for the excellent service rendered last time. Would like to engage a normal servicing for 2 units.” Feb 13, 2012

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Testimonials/Feedback Received from Year 2011:

SmileEileen: “The guys are good, dismantled my master bedroom unit so that can chemical clean throughly. And my hubby got feedback to them that somehow my unit in my room is not cold, and the guy said might be pipping not connect properly, thus he connect it properly and it works. Thank you.” Dec 15, 2011

Smilenerdtoe: “I used your services last year and was very happy with it.” Oct 29, 2011

Smilegmummy (mylittlecloset79): “Thanks for the chemical wash today! My hubby is very pleased with your guys service. Am I entitled the free SWAROVSKI ring? Please mail to me to my new address. Thanks.” Oct 11, 2011

SmileMelody2228: “Hi, The aircon service guy came n repair my aircon. Very gd service. Highly recommended. Thanks.”

SmileShimmers: “Thank you for fixing the appointment on the spot and solved my leaking aircon the other day. Appreciate your efficient service.” Aug 15, 2011

SmileJenni: “Hi MotherhoodPalace, I did the aircon cleaning ytd. The man is friendly, clean and fast. Finally my air-con is back to cooling again… Did a nice job, would like to book appointment for Chemical Cleaning for Compressor too… Thanks!” Aug 5, 2011

SmileCharliebrown: “Thank you for the air con service provided. I had mine done with chemical cleaning and full dismantle, your air con man did a very thorough and fast job! Less than one hr he was done for 1 unit. My hubby kept mouthing gd gd as previously we had another man servicing our air con, but not as gd as yours! Will be returning for any future air con matters” June 26, 2011

SmileLSnTYL: “Clean and polite service. happy with the work done.” June 7, 2011

Smileedelwiss: “Hi, I have my aircon finally repaired. Price is reasonable & the service technician is friendly & fast. I will definitely consider your good service in future” May 21, 2011

Katherine (katherine_k): “Hi, I did the aircon cleaning ytd. The man is friendly and fast. Did a nice job, c u in another 6mths time. Thanks” May 10, 2011

Smilebdmummy: “Hi, wanted to feedback that am very pleased with the service – no rush job, unlike some other companies. I had signed on a package worth $290 during the servicing on 19 April posted in your prev thread… hehe, so supposed to entitled to points and the Swarovski ring? Thanks!” May 2, 2011

SmileMooska: “Hi, I thought I write in to say thank you for the aircon service given on last Friday. I am very satisfied with the way your man did the servicing and how he took time to ensure my place is kept neat and clean. He also made sure my neighbours closed their windows before he did the chemical washing of the condenser. I am a satisfied customer!” May 3, 2011

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Even More Testimonials/Feedback from Year 2010:

Smiledkdk (cutiedoggie): “Hi motherhood_palace, Thks for your service….I’m glad that I tried your service… The service is ok to me….so far so good…I’m satisfied enough.. my aircons all become clean and I can feel cleaner and fresher and colder air coming out from my aircons. Keep up the good service and many success to you ya.” Sept 7, 2010

SmileChipchip: “Hi, today, had my chemical wash for my 2 air cons. my hubby is very satisified with the service. Feel cleaner n more quite. Tks can u pls arrange Chemical Cleaning for Compressor x 3 units the following wk? Wkdays afternoon. Tks.” August 12, 2010

SmileJtan88: “Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for your prompt action. My A/C has been fixed. Hubby was very satisfied with the service.” August 12, 2010

SmileCrayonmum (crayonmum): “Hi, Just wanna give positive feedback on yr specialist’s aircon-servicing. I’ve always serviced my aircon with *** for the past 5 yrs and seriously, my aircon has never been so quiet after your Specialist did a chemical cleaning for my aircon unit and compressor last night. He really did a great job! Will definitely get u guys to do my aircon servicing from now on” Sept 2, 2010

SmileRachel Ong (sbearie): “Hi! First of all, thank you very much for giving me a last minute slot to service my air-con today knowing that my air-con was leaking badly. I really appreciated it else have to sleep without air-con during my long weekend!! My fiance attended to your technician and had told me that he did a very decent job with good service. We will consider to sign a package with you after consulting my Mum. Thank you very much!!” August 6, 2010

SmileBluesea (bluesea2): “Just had my aircon serviced today. The service guys were punctual and my hubby felt they did a good job. He hardly praise or recommend companies but he said if our friends needed recommendations, he will recommend yours for aircon servicing! Thanks!” July 22, 2010

SmileOrange_girl (orange_girl): “Hi MotherhoodPalace, Just recently engaged yr specialist’s service. Thumbs up! He is trustworthy and professional. Will continue using his service and recommend to my friends.” July 21, 2010

SmileDancat (dancat): “Hi. Thank you very much! Yr specialist team are really professional….they left my place clean after cleaning of all units. Will definitely engage their service again.” June 24, 2010

SmileTomyumguy (tomyumguy): “Just did my servicing today. Am impressed with the service provided as they are efficient. The main thing that differentiates them from the rest is that they ensure that your place is clean up after the servicing before leaving the premise. Good work. Thanks.” June 25, 2010

SmileTeresa Lim (terter26): “Hi,Just finished my chemical wash for my master bedroom and children room! Well done!! Excellent service … Both specialists are always wearing a smile. They are very professional and neat and clean in their work! So afraid that they will make a mess of our house or dirty our room (like other contractors) but they actually keep our rooms clean and neat! Thumbs up and will sign on package with you again! Thank you for providing cool and clean air to us and our family once again … especially now the weather so hot!” May 17, 2010

SmileHoh Ching Ling (poppy_hoh): “Hi there! Just engaged your svcs last month, wanted to say thanks for the prompt service! My aircon is working great now Cheers!!” May 10, 2010

SmileTots (chng): “Hi, Like to arrange for a chemical wash for my aircon. Was pleased with yr previous service and now returning.” Apr 12, 2010

SmileWendy Lee (miztylady): “Thanks & really appreciate for your fast response and understanding on my situation (to request for immediate assistance which u responded within a day)! Your guys have just left and done an excellent job. We are very satisfied & impressed with your professional service and will surely approach u for future jobs and refer to our friends. Thanks once again.” Apr 11, 2010

SmileTaro (taro):“Hi, We engaged your aircon service yesterday and we are very pleased with the job done. The technician is well-mannered and doesn’t leave any mess. Chemical cleaning was done after his advice as both DH and DS had sensitive airways. The air con is super cold now. We used to on the temperature to 17 and now it’s just 27 degree. Saves electricity. Strongly recommended!” Apr 7, 2010

Smileprincess (princess14): “Hi, I used your service a few mths back and I really liked it.” Mar 24, 2010

SmileJanice (mystifiedjan): “Wonderful service and timely response from both you and yr technician. Tried booking from another organiser and was totally disappointed as they wasted my time and leave waiting for hrs and no response till i posted in the forum. Thanks for accomodating to my schedule and the trip. Instead of servicing 1 aircon that leaks we ended up servicing all the 3aircons at home!!!” March 15, 2010

SmileCadbury (cadbury): “We had an appt with your aircon servicing yesterday morning and my hubby was very pleased with the cleaning service. He watched how the guys dismantled and cleaned the parts. After they left, my hubby kept telling me “Our aircons are now very clean and that your guys did a good job”. And he also mumbled something like “from black wash until squeaky clean”..hehehehe” March 11, 2010

SmileSilkyTing (silkyting): “Hi, Engaged yr aircon cleaning service recently and was very satisfied. Yr guy is prompt, called to confirm arrival, well mannered and not talkative. He doesn’t look like he is in this trade as most are rough and best of all, you feel secure and wouldn’t mind letting him into yr house afraid of dirtying yr floor. He is knowledgeable in his work and cleaned uo the place well after washing every unit. With that, he leave me time to enjoy the clean and cool air again after his visit. I will definitely be seeing him again and will gladly recommend his service to relatives and friends.Tks.” February 27, 2010

SmileJane K (enaj77): “DOUBLE THUMBS UP for the good service!!! Will definitely come back and recommend your air con service to everyone!!” February 26, 2010

SmileRonniemini (ronniemini): “Hi, Thumbs up for the servicing! I have also signed up on the package and am looking forward to my next appt in May. Just to check with you, u will help to fix the rest of the servicing appt or I will need to make the appt with you? Thanks so much!” February 16, 2010

SmileZepth (zepth): “Hi, Good job and well done on the servicing! I have purchased the package and looking forward to my next appt in April.” February 9, 2010

SmileFelicia: “On time, thorough with cleaning, good pricing.” Jan 26,2010

Many Parents Have Been Trusting Us for Years
as in the Testimonials/Feedback from Year 2009:

SmileMoogen: “I just want to thank Your Specialist for his service. Professional and considerate (for my neighbours). And now my aircon’s super cold…” Nov 29, 2009

SmilePrincess (princess14): “I just did my aircon servicing last week. Your aircon guy is very detailed and knowledgeable. He even helped me purchase a new a/c remote control as I lost mine.” Nov 15, 2009

SmileKathleen: “The air cond service was good.. The master room air-cond used to be very noisy but after the chemical wash, it’s good as new. Will engage in a contractual basis.” Sept 19, 2009

SmileJinNGin (jinngin): “He was on time for the appointment. Good Service provided, and guy is friendly. According to hubby the service guy went downstairs to ask a driver to move his vehicle as he was going to clean the compressor. Thumbs up!” Nov 6, 2009

SmileMichelle (little_teddies): “Great! Job was done fast n neat! The aircon unit which underwent chemical cleaning is now super cold!” Nov 3, 2009

SmileTroika (esmummy): “Hi, Thanks for checking back on the service. I actually sms-ed Your Specialist personally to thank him for successfully fixing all my aircon problems that other service personnel had failed to for the past 6 months!” Oct 12, 2009

SmileJaydaMommy (Pocalyndas): “The service went very well. Your guy is very professional..! He even went floor by floor down to make sure all residents keep their windows closed when he did the chemical wash for my condenser. *Thumbs up*!” Sept 11, 209

SmileJolene (Jolene): “Quite happy with the service. Good value! I recommended my friend too.” Nov 6, 2009

SmileLhanie (yhanie_17): “Thanks for the nice service this morning. Till next transaction.” Sept 5, 2009

Smilehippo (hippo18): “Hi! I’m very pleased with ur air-con specialist’s work yesterday. Very good and thorough..” Sept 7, 2009

SmileWongal25 (wongal25): “Your air con service is great. Thanks again! Keep up the good work!!!” Oct 2, 2009

SmileTika (tika): “Very pleasant service guy. My 16 month old likes him and is always ‘talking’ to him. Will engage your services in the future. Thanks!” Sept 11, 2009

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